Two to Tango

Partnership, skills, and secrets! Getting ready for dance class just got a whole lot more interesting! You can fly through life solo, but in the “dance” of life.... it takes Two to Tango!

2 participants

You and your partner are getting ready for a good ole fashion dance class! But there’s a mystery that must be solved before the tango begins! Is this a random game being played by strangers, or is there a something deeper going on??? It’ll take 60 mins to solve this mystery. And just when you think you’re an innocent bystander... remember... it takes two to tango!


Private Room
$60.00 for 2 People


Space provided in each room to store personal items
You will have a dry erase board + marker in your room
You will have a clue button to use for 3 clues if you choose
You will have the brilliant minds of those in the room with you
You have 1 hour... do you have what it takes?

If you do not book the full amount of spots in the room more people CAN book and join your group.

Call or email if you want to book a private room for your group!

Booking for the rooms closes 1 hour before start time. Once you are within the hour before you can call to check on late booking openings.

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