How far would you go to become famous? And how much farther would you go to become LEGENDARY.... Will you pass Mr. Brown's test to find out??


Welcome to the office Aaron Brown, the worlds leading endorsement consultant. What's an endorsement consultant? Let's just say he can take a group of average joes and janes like yourself and give you fame and fortune beyond your wildest dreams. Bottom line is this guy has the secret to making you and your team a legend, and his track record proves it. Aaron's family has been in this business for year's and he has been kind enough to offer you the same test he has offered all of his clients. Escape his office and he will give you the key to your wildest dreams. Can you and your team live up to the challenge or will your defeat lead to more than you know??

Escape Rate 29%

Great for 1st time and experienced players! More story line driven!







  • Space provided in each room to store personal items
  • You will have a dry erase board + marker in your room
  • You will have a clue button to use for 3 clues if you choose
  • You will have the brilliant minds of those in the room with you
  • You have 1 hour... do you have what it takes?

If you do not book the full amount of spots in the room more people CAN book and join your group...

**Check out our private room discount when you book!

Booking for the rooms closes 1 hour before start time... once you are within the hour before you can call to check on late booking openings.


3 - 7 Participants

Dolls, toys, and puzzles are fun to play with, but what if they decide to play with you?