Right Brain or Left Brain? Analog or Digital? Organization or Chaos? What

side are you?? And do you have the skills and the wits to escape??


Welcome to a room that has a little something for everyone. No story line here, just a challenge waiting for eager participants. If you think this is going to be an easy escape, think again. You'll need a range of skills and wits if you ever hope to leave this room in under an hour.




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  • Space provided in each room to store personal items
  • You will have a dry erase board + marker in your room
  • You will have a clue button to use for 3 clues if you choose
  • You will have the brilliant minds of those in the room with you
  • You have 1 hour... do you have what it takes?

If you do not book the full amount of spots in the room more people CAN book and join your group...

**Check out our private room discount when you book!

Booking for the rooms closes 1 hour before start time... once you are within the hour before you can call to check on late booking openings.


What happens when an ordinary day at the office turns into a life or death situation? What message did David leave for you? Silicon Valley needs you! And perhaps the rest of the world...

How far would you go to become famous? And how much farther would you go to become LEGENDARY.... Will you pass Mr. Brown's test to find out??

Dolls, toys, and puzzles are fun to play with, but what if they decide to play with you?