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What Secrets lie beneath the garden? Things are not always as they seem...


You may recall the "Beanstalk Incident" that was news for a brief time, but after Jack chopped it down that seemed like the end of the story. Since then, the garden has been quietly maintained by the family through all these generations and a small bit of magic has been preserved. Now the current caretaker is getting restless and is looking for a worthy successor. Do you have what it takes to discover the secrets of the garden?

Escape Space Games - The Beanstalk





  • Space provided in each room to store personal items
  • You will have the brilliant minds of those in the room with you
  • You have 1 hour... do you have what it takes?

If you do not book the full amount of spots in the room more people CAN book and join your group...

Call or email if you want to book a private room!

Booking for the rooms closes 1 hour before start time... once you are within the hour before you can call to check on late booking openings.



4 - 8 Participants

Dolls, toys, and puzzles are fun to play with, but what if they decide to play with you?

3 - 6 Participants

You'll need to keep your wits about you if you want to escape The Valley before your one hour runs out!

3 - 7 Participants

Locked in cells, how will you escape and prove your innocence??

2 Participants

You can fly through life solo, but in the “dance” of life.... it takes Two to Tango!

4 - 8 Participants

What Secrets lie beneath the garden? Things are not always as they seem...

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