Up and Running!

Wow. Wow. Wow. 

We have had such a blast in our first few weekends open each week we enjoy seeing our awesome customers try to escape these intricate rooms! We have seen a couple outsmart the rooms, but most are taken by defeat. We really enjoy seeing how groups communicate and use team work to solve riddles, puzzles, and outwit these three rooms! Shoot some of us on staff couldn't escape these rooms we are really glad y'all are! Well we look forward to the new year and new things happening here at ORESM! Thanks a ton for all the love and support y'all have given us and we will see y'all in 2017!! 

ORESM Staff! 

In The Beginning

Hey Y'all!

We are so excited to be opening soon in this awesome city! Keep a Look out for updates and fun things coming from our start up as we prep and get ready for opening!

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